Summoners War Codes (January 2022) Updated

Summoners War Codes (January 2022) Updated

Are you a zealous player of the Summoners war game? Are you looking for their latest codes to play and win? Well, you have come to the proper place. Summoner’s war is a mobile-based strategy massively played online, and it is the best vital-based game. They have complimented 3D rendering of fights and monsters, and it provides periodic upgrades to codes.

Several monsters are in-game as challenges. Upon defeating them, the player gets a reward. Players participate in siege battles to gain more points. Each monster can accumulate six runs, and all runs provide an additional bonus. Variant bonuses make the game exciting. It is a massively installed popular game.


  • Monster visualization: Summoners’ war includes turn-based play, and they range from 1-star grade to 5-star grade. Using monsters in-game will increase your experience level because they have a 0.5% chance of obtaining a mystical scroll. ‘Awakening’ is a gameplay mechanic that transfers the monster, requiring the essence of elements.
  • Divergent elements: This game introduces non-compatible elements in the gameplay. This feature is attractive of all. The main screen item, the monster, comes in five variable elements: water, fire, wind, light, and dark. Water monsters have an advantage over the fire, and fire has an advantage over wind in the attack. In addition, each monster also has a specific class, such as support, defense, health points, and aggression.
  • Additional icons: After every regular up-gradation of gameplay, it adds some additional icons. These icons are highly seductive, and they impart extra value to the character of the game. They may enhance the fighting capability of monsters, and they may add actions to existing challenges. It can also impart and improve the skill of monsters in battle.
  • Mechanic runs: The artist runs are the core mechanics of gameplay. Each monster can access six runs, and a fighter can upgrade their innate star through mana, which boosts their intrinsic lead. All runs provide a bonus if the player attaches a complete set to a monster.

Active Summoners War Codes:

CodesRewardsExpires in
sw2022jan97Mystic Scrolls x1Jan 2022
happynewlt20Energy x100, Water Scroll x1, Fire Scroll x1 and Wind Scroll x12021
merrylt19Mana x200000 and Mystical Scroll x12021
swxmomstouchMystic Scrolls x12021
SWCHRISTMASMystic Scrolls x22021
sw2021dec23Water Scroll x1, Fire Scroll x1 and Wind Scroll x12021
perfectpickanyoneMystical Scroll x52021
rockwithswc2021Energy x200, Mana x200000 and Crystal x2002021
swcwillbbackSWC Scroll x12021
sw2021nov12Mana x1000002021
swplay2getherMystical scroll x32021
latotemisteMana x1000002021
halloweenswEnergy x1002021
SW2021OCT01Water Scroll x1 and Wind Scroll x12021
nextupnov13Water scroll x32021
letsfetzeu2021Energy x100, Mana x100000 and Crystal x502021
allezleurope21Energy x50, Mana x200000 and Crystal x502021
dasguildetEnergy x100 and Mana x500002021
eucup2021Mana x1000002021

How to use Summoner’s war codes?

One must follow the exact procedure for the game:

  • Open the game.
  • Go to news and event selection.
  • Choose a game guide.
  • Click on ‘Enter your promo code.’
  • Type the code and click enter.
  • Open the gift box to gain the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Summoners War get hacked?

Literally, no, there are 0 % chances of getting hacked as it is a trustworthy and legal platform, and it is free of any scam. The player should stay confident about gameplay, and even there is no chance of cheating among players.

How many active players are in the Summoners war game?

An action-packed fantasy game includes over 100 million Summoners players around the world. It is an immense era of fighters in the battle games—each competing for their relevant stars and reward.

What should I do in the first war?

To perform well in the first step, add more friends and befriend others. Join a guild and focus on the Progress monster. Conquer the giant and buff up with skills ups. Build the team and focus on improving your rune farming.


Summoner War is a multiplayer-based game. It works on the combined strategy of gameplay. It introduces many attractive features of characters and monsters, and it gives regular upgrading of levels.Ardent fans highly praise Summoners Wars, and it offers high production value and interesting mechanics.

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