Brawlhalla Codes (January 2022) Updated

Brawlhalla Codes (January 2022) Updated

Do you enjoy playing Brawlhalla and are looking for the latest game codes? Great, your search is over. These codes are rational and practical, and the levels are endless, and the game lines are mainstream.

A decent monetization system is in place. The game is free to play, and various components unlock amusing patterns and levels. Many legends and cosmetics are available in this game. It has an extensive crossover collaboration with riders. It is a kind of casual play with an attractive layout.


  • Conical collection: This game is indeed based on a decent monetization system. It is free to play for players. It includes the collection of plenty of components in-game, and it is characterized by getting more points. Accumulating more points will buy you numerous issues. Players are advised to collect more points and gadgets, and this will directly affect the game performance.
  • Manifold hallmark: This game is based on a lovable generic system. It is like building a large fanbase with crossover collaboration, and it promotes teamwork by working with partners. Brawlhalla game is an excellent game for contestants who like platform battlers. It works by completing levels and accumulating rewards for records.
  • Legend emerging trait: This game is titled to play for so long until competition emerges. To build a Brawlhalla career, players need to spend either time or real-life money to unlock the content. The most valuable feature of those content includes legends and decorative collections. Over the whole course of a game, players may keep building a legend and collecting cosmetics to acquire a good position.
  • Unlockable parameters: Being the most acceptable and popular game, this has several amusing factors by getting upper-level in-game players to get the newest and better challenges to chase. Each success makes the position in-game better. In this way, it directly affects the game’s overall performance. A variety of heroes and cosmetics are there to chase.

List of Brawlhalla Codes

Currently no working codes available of Brawlhalla

CodesRewardsExpires In
XN1RRJ-Q8PJVX1X bonus points2021
3500likes1X ice dragon pet2021
Update1X freebies 2021
Bosses1X freebies2021

How to use Brawlhalla Codes?

  • Launch the Brawlhalla game and navigate to the main menu.
  • During the main menu, look for the store icon and click on it.
  • In the store menu screen, scroll down and look for the Redeem Codes.
  • Click on the ‘Redeem Codes’ icon.
  • A redemption screen will appear to enter the code.
  • Enter your code and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim free skins in Brawlhalla?

Make sure you have logged in with your Twitch ID. When you follow Brawlhalla on Twitch, you will receive an exclusive code. Launch the game and navigate your Redeem codes to get free items like skins in-game.

How do I unlock every element in the game?

Unlocking characters in-game can be done by earning coins and buying them through the store. The player can earn cash by completing challenges and even get some by simply logging in every day and purchasing the characters from the stream store.

What is dexterity in-game overall?

It is a measurement of your power, like how fast you attack. The higher your dexterity, the more quickly you can land an attack charge. It also increases your defensive mechanism, and this helps to enhance your activity in-game overall.


Brwlhalla is a fun and exciting game. It allows players to use active codes, and these Codes can unlock various features. You can use them to get access to the latest features of the game. This offers time-events, an array of cosmetics, and whatnot. The widening of collection enhances the game experience.

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